iDeals vs Smartroom

Choosing a reliable platform for your company sometimes requires too much time and effort. To make the most thoughtful and reliable choice, it is necessary to study all the technical characteristics of each option, as well as to compare them with each other. The most optimal is to take a comprehensive approach to find and choosing a virtual platform. We suggest starting your search for your ideal data room by studying and comparing the features of two platforms popular among users – iDeals and Smartroom.


Benefits of iDeals Virtual Data Room

We suggest that you begin your introduction to the best user platforms by exploring the main features of the iDeals virtual data room. Some of its features include:

  • Accessibility – you can use iDeals not only from your work computer but also from any other device anywhere in the world;
  • Cost-effectiveness – installing, configuring, and maintaining iDeals software is many times cheaper than setting up corporate infrastructures;
  • Security, which is provided by means of data encryption systems and multilevel user authentication.

Due to its features and a wide range of tools, this virtual platform has no limitations for companies working in different industries. This makes it a versatile tool for organizing and improving workflow in general. However, some users point out that the data room does not always work efficiently and is not able to perform the necessary work tasks.


Key features of Smartroom

Unlike the previous option, Smartroom has a more specialized purpose of use. Most often, its options are used for the secure exchange of confidential documents, as well as for conducting various kinds of business agreements. In addition to this, Smartroom has other features:

  • The ability to work remotely in the virtual data room;
  • Safely send documents directly to their recipients using both email and directly from file storage;
  • Ability to upload large amounts of data in whole folders without having to preview each individual document;
  • Collect data on the results and performance of each employee and the company as a whole;
  • Create, edit, format, print and send documents without worrying about losing their confidential contents;
  • Integrate the capabilities of the virtual data room with the work of other office software products.

Smartroom Virtual Data Room has a few criticisms about its operation. In particular, there may also be some interruptions in its operation when the system is overloaded. However, these characteristics do not particularly affect the main performance indicators of the entire platform and its popularity among users.

The choice of a particular virtual data room depends primarily on the needs of each company and its goals for further development. The more precisely they are defined, the clearer the requirements for platform selection will be. On how precisely will be formulated queries for a typo, the more positive will be the result of this search.